Women in Resilience

After years working in the Business Continuity sector I have realised that I become a Women in Resilience. As I am very passionate about my job, I have not realised that not as many women as men are involved in this industry. This is why I am very interested by the Women in Resilience initiative, to see what it can bring to the industry. 

And from my point of view, I think that although times are changing and I believe we are the more and more, it seems that there is not yet a great interest. The reason behind might be the traditions. Yet there are not many women interested by the Security and the IT sectors which are traditionally filled by men. Those sectors are traditionally filling the Resilience and Business Continuity sector. Nonetheless there are many initiatives to increase the girls interest for tech careers (I think that not so many for the Security sector; if you know any, please share it via a comment to this post). Consequently more women should choose a career path in resilience. Despite this, I have the feeling that they are not yet interested. Why are they not yet following this path? 

I don’t know because I personally did not follow any of them. My background is communications and journalism and although it has been very useful when tackle training, exercises and raising-awareness activities, this is not the usual background for a resilience professional. However, it is never too late to learn. When I discovered this path, I really got inspired to start a new life. I am actually in the process to get trained as a Disaster Recovery professional which makes me very happy.

What is you experience with resilience? Would you like to share it?

If you want to know more about this topic, there is a BCI group on Women in Resilience as well as a LinkedIn group.

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