The BCAW is coming! Working together to improve organizational resilience


This is one of my favorite’s times of the year. The Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) is coming and we know already the dates. From the 14 to the 18 May, we will be trying to raise awareness of the importance to implement a Business Continuity Management framework in organizations.

It does not mean we do not do this the rest of the year. It also groups in one week efforts and material to help organizations. First of all, a bit of background: The BCAW is organized annually by the Business Continuity Institute (the BCI), an organization recognized worldwide and of which, I am a member. It is basically held to raise the awareness of our profession and help professionals to promote BCM values among their organizations.

There are many ways to get involved. For example, focusing on BC professionals I will highlight two: a blog competition and a photo competition. Both of them are an excellent way to promote organizations’ teams work. Additionally, every year the BCI focuses in a particular part of the BCM framework. This year the theme is “Working together to improve organizational resilience”. We cannot wait to see the webinars and the organizational resilience manifesto that the BCI will launch on this topic.

I will participate through this blog posting new information and participating in as many as activities as I can to promote our profession.

Photo/Logo by The BCI

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